Premises Liability

Negligence in Premises Liability Cases

An accident can happen at any time and anywhere. Sometimes our clumsiness can cause us to trip and fall. But when accidents happen due to the negligence of a property owner or grounds keeper, it can be easy to feel helpless and lost regarding your options. This is especially true if the owner tries to immediately pin the blame on you for having an accident on their property, which is simply inexcusable.

The owners or management personnel of a commercial property have the responsibility to:

  • Create and maintain a safe environment for patrons and visitors
  • Warn of any potential dangers (such as wet floors) with easy-to-see signs
  • Fix or repair any aspects of the property that could pose a danger to safety

If you were injured on someone else's premises-be it a grocery store, department store, or apartment building, to name a few examples-you need to contact our firm immediately. While the site owners may be backed by an insurance company, they may try to offer you a measly settlement that won't even begin to cover the costs of your accident. Ted Ruemke and our dream team know how to handle these kinds of cases both in and out of court.

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For more than three decades, our firm has provided injured individuals with high-caliber legal services when they need it the most. We understand how stressful and daunting it can be for many individuals to try to settle this kind of situation on their own. At times like these, you need to seek the guidance of a law firm that is unwaveringly dedicated to protecting your best interests, no matter what.

Why do we consider our firm to be a dream team? Because each case we handle is carefully overseen by not just our Conroe personal injury attorney, but also a registered nurse who ensures all clients receive the quality medical care they need at the appropriate time.

Should you choose to retain our firm's legal services, you may benefit from the following:

  • Hard-hitting legal representation from a highly experienced trial lawyer
  • Peace of mind knowing your case is in good hands
  • A law firm that has an established reputation for success and client satisfaction

We would be happy to explain the various legal options available to you at this time. Ted Ruemke and our team is here to help you face the future with confidence. For more information about how we can be of assistance to you with your premises liability case, please contact us today.

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